Scattered Dots Solution

Big Problems Are Getting Bigger and Require a New Category of Solution

The New Category is Connecting the Dots Optimization [CDO]

“Scattered Dots and Failures to Connect the Scattered Dots are Big Problems…
and getting Bigger and More Costly across all Industries around the world.”

– Rick Shaw, Prevention Coach

Why is the new Connecting the Dots Optimization (CDO) category needed?
Whether you are trying to prevent violence, terrorism, abuse, suicides, negligence, lawsuits,
reputation damage, or numerous other incidents and tragedies, connecting all the right dots (people, indicators, information, historical data, trends, etc.) to see the bigger picture so the right and timely actions are taken is becoming a bigger and more costly challenge every day. Evidence from years of failed preventions clearly reveals organizations, and communities are vulnerable and liable due to yesteryear strategies, templates, and tools, and a new visionary category of solution is needed.

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