First Preventers Model

What is the First Preventers Model?
Why the First Preventers Model is Long Overdue?
First Preventers Prevention Assessment

What is the First Preventers Model?

The First Preventers Model is evidence-based, research-based, and success-based and consists of prevention-focused assessments, strategies, training, and technology.

Every day there are more incidents, attacks, and tragedies that lead to more fear, trauma, liabilities, costs, and consequences that create deteriorating learning environments in schools, non-productive work environments, and increasing concerns about public safety in faith-based organizations, shopping malls, neighborhoods, and communities.  Are you ok with your safety being taken away?  Are you going to allow increasing acts of violence to be the new normal?

If you are like us, we are NOT ok with increasing acts of violence, it is time to take a stand, and it is time to implement a proven and customized First Preventers Program based on the First Preventers Model.

There are multiple First Preventers Programs that can be customized to meet your needs:

First Preventers Program for Preventing Terrorism
First Preventers Program for School Safety, Suicides, Bullying, etc.
First Preventers Program for Higher Education Safety, Suicides, Sex Assaults, etc.
First Preventers Program for Organizations, Workplace Violence, Drugs, Sex Abuse, etc.
First Preventers Program for Community Safety, Violence, Faith-Based Orgs, Non-Profits, etc.

Depending on the First Preventers Program(s) you need, First Preventers is ready to help you get started – starting right now.

The first step is to request a Prevention Assessment.

Why the First Preventers Model is Long Overdue?

First Responders programs became a focus in 2001 after the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks to address costly and tragic gaps, silos, and disconnects between federal, state, and local agencies, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency response, and others responding to multiple attacks on Sept 11, 2001. 

Sadly, First Responders are being called on way too often as First Responders continue to do the best they can as they respond to more and more mass shootings, terror attacks, attacks on law enforcement, hate crimes, gangs, drugs, and numerous other acts of violence.  Unfortunately, the toll and stress on First Responders have continued to escalate too and community leaders are beginning to realize:

• First Responders cannot respond fast enough to prevent acts of violence
• Mass shootings, acts of violence, and soaring consequences are increasing at alarming rates
• Longer-term consequences are mounting as several states have passed laws with benefits for First Responders now suffering from PTSD.

Unfortunately, mass shootings, terrorism, attacks on law enforcement, hate crimes, gangs, drugs and numerous other acts of violence, as well as school violence, workplace violence, and community violence continue to occur… and even increasing.

We need a proven First Preventers Program.  It is time to start intervening, disrupting, and preventing more incidents before they occur and helping First Responders by preventing more incidents and tragedies that they do not have to respond to.

First Preventers Prevention Assessment

The Prevention Assessment is NOT a Security Assessment.  The Prevention Assessment consists of specific and focused questions based on extensive research and data from thousands of failed prevention efforts over the last 20+ years.  The research and data expose common prevention failures from terrorism, mass shootings, workplace violence, school violence, gang violence, domestic violence, community violence, and other acts of violence as well as sexual assaults, child abuse, human trafficking, drug abuse, bullying, suicides, lawsuits, settlements, liabilities, and numerous other unwanted incidents where prevention efforts failed. The Prevention Assessment will help to identify the common gaps, silos, and disconnects that could lead to prevention failures in your organization and/or community.

The Prevention Assessment questions will also help reveal how well your organization or community is positioned to accomplish each of the 6 Stages of Prevention that are necessary for more effective and successful intervention, disruption, and prevention results. 

The Prevention Assessment includes a final report that will provide a roadmap for your leadership to make better decisions for improving safety for your organization, your community, or even your state.   

To learn more about the Prevention Assessment, please start by helping us to better understand which First Preventers Program(s) you are interested in, which challenges you are most concerned with, and an overview of your organization/community profile.
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Once the Prevention Assessment has been completed, the next steps in the First Preventers Model include:

• First Preventers Program Strategies
• First Preventers Program Training
• First Preventers Program Technologies

We’re excited to get started, so reach out today!