Welcome to First Preventers

If you would like to be part of the journey and part of something that matters, you found it.

First Preventers is a movement of humans working together to:

  • Proactively Help at-risk people get the help they need
  • Proactively Prevent more acts of violence and shootings
  • Proactively Prevent more acts of evil and tragedies
  • Proactively make schools, organizations, and communities safer

Why First Preventers?

The world demands different strategies and solutions for safer schools, organizations, and communities.

Responding to shootings, incidents, and tragedies is not Proactive Preventing.

No, we cannot prevent everything, but we can prevent more:

  • Shootings and Mass Shootings
  • Violence (School, Workplace, Domestic, and others)
  • Suicides and Suicide Attempts
  • Drug Overdoses
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Loss of Lives and Loss of Futures
  • Costs and Consequences

Today’s challenges are changing and will not be solved with yesteryear’s playbooks.

If you believe better safety in schools, organizations, and communities is worth fighting for, then First Preventers is how we can be part of something that matters and makes a difference.

Rick Shaw – Founder, First Preventers

What Happens Next?

You can join the journey by:

If you have questions on how you can be part of the journey, part of something that matters, and part of initiating the changes needed for safer schools, organizations, and communities… reach out today to Info@FirstPreventers.org or fill out the form below and let’s work together!