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The First Preventers Program empowers schools, higher education institutions, faith-based organizations, and communities to prevent more incidents and tragedies.

The First Preventers Program complements your First Responders program(s) to give you both “offense and defense” to create safer environments.

Even more importantly, the First Preventers Program is the program and solutions you need to stop the “Undeterred”. The “undeterred” at-risk individuals who are undeterred by security measures. 

We have seen this hundreds of times where “undeterred” at-risk individuals have attacked military bases as well as schools, higher education, and organizations that had strong security measures (armed guards, cameras, alarms, etc.) in place… The First Preventers Program is a different solution that is needed to address increasing numbers of at-risk individuals.

In addition to the “undeterred”, soft targets that have limited or no security measures to deter attackers… The First Preventers Program is needed for soft targets.

Numerous other incidents that are not weapons-related and not prevented by security measures, such as workplace violence, suicides, drug abuse, sex abuse, harassment, and others… The First Preventers Program is needed to save lives, futures, costs, and other consequences.

Each of the above needs different “prevention solutions” that are over and above what their security measures can address.

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