Welcome to FirstPreventers.org

The First Preventers Model empowers schools, higher education institutions, faith-based organizations, and communities to prevent more incidents and tragedies.

The First Preventers Program (based on the First Preventers Model) complements your First Responders program(s) to give you both “offense and defense” (First Preventers and First Responders) to create safer environments.

Do you know why so many incidents and tragedies are NOT PREVENTED?

Do any of these incidents and tragedies keep you up at night?

TerrorismSex Abuse
Mass ShootingsSex Assaults
Excessive Use of ForceHomicides
Riots and ProtestsVandalism
Social JusticeWorkplace Violence
RacismSchool Violence
Hate CrimesSuicides
DrugsPandemic Stressors
Human TraffickingRemote Workers
FraudAt-Risk Individuals
Cyber Attacks/RansomwareNumerous Others

Do you know what was MISSING in nearly every incident and tragedy that was NOT PREVENTED?

At First Preventers, we are focused on preventing more incidents and tragedies. 

At First Preventers, we know WHAT was missing and WHY it was missing and HOW to improve proactive prevention for your school, organization, and community.

At First Preventers, we believe innocent children and adults DESERVE BETTER prevention.

We can and must do better to make our schools, organizations, and entire communities safer.

The First Preventers Model was created from 20+ years of extensive research that uncovered and exposed the “Profile of Failed Preventions” and also exposed what was MISSING.

To learn what was missing, get more information on the First Preventers Model overview by filling out the form below!