How are you addressing your biggest concerns, challenges, barriers, and fears?

The First Preventers Model and the First Preventers movement are helping school, organizational, and community leaders address fears and pains by preventing more shootings, violence, social injustice, hate crimes, abuse, drugs, bullying, suicides, and numerous other tragedies before they occur. By preventing these fears and pains, The First Preventers Model empowers schools, organizations, and communities to:

Save Money

Save Time

Reduce Liabilities

Protect Reputations

Save Lives

“When I say cost-effective if we can help one of these incidents to either be rectified or not happen, imagine. Those are pennies really.”

First Preventers Model Participant

Paying for Prevention

For some schools, organizations, and communities the biggest challenge of implementing the First Preventers Model’s proven services and solutions is funding the project.

While the First Preventers Model’s pricing is designed to be affordable and scales to meet the needs of everyone from small rural schools with 200 students, to large campuses with thousands of students across multiple locations, to corporations with thousands of employees across multiple countries, we understand that budgets may already be set for a given year or more. Unfortunately, incidents and tragedies don’t wait for new budgets.

Because of increasing stressors and grievances there are more at-risk individuals than ever before leading to more and more incidents and tragedies, it’s so important to us that your school, organization, or community be able to implement these game-changing services, solutions, and tools as soon as possible. To help make proactive prevention a reality, we want to help you fundraise the funds you need to get started without all the budget hassles!

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